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      Registered Charity in England & Wales No.1165941

      WHAT WE DO


      Welfare Training and Assessments

      Our team provides training in captive wild animal management practices to help support improvements in zoo animal welfare. Our training covers all aspects of animal care within zoos, from healthcare...
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      polar bear swims in a pool, Image ? Eva Blue on Unsplash 

      Welfare Resources and Animal Enrichment

      Wild Welfare’s animal welfare and husbandry resources help provide guidance and advice on good animal welfare in captivity. Key to our work in improving wild animal welfare legislation is the...
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      Pair of flamingos in a zoo, Image ? Jennifer Regnier on Unsplash 

      Creating Welfare Partnerships

      Enabling ways to improve zoo welfare around the world requires strong working relationships between all the key individuals and groups involved with zoo management and animal welfare. Wild Welfare’s partnerships...
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      Animal Welfare Legislation and Research

      There is a growing societal understanding of the importance of respect and protection for animals as an indicator of a country’s ethical and moral standard. Despite this, many countries still...
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      From conducting welfare assessments in zoos and delivering hands-on training with zoo staff to developing educational materials, addressing legislation gaps in wild animal welfare governance and carrying out research, our work is varied and vast, but is absolutely focussed on improving welfare for wild animals living in captivity around the world.
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